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P.O -Khanjanchak, P.S - Durgachak, Haldia
District-Purba Medinipur, W.B.,Pincode-721602

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BA123, BA135, BA136 (Starting FM Sandheads), Local chart 265 N Hooghli river chart
Sandheads Anchorage is off Eastern Channel
Light Vessel is positioned at 21 04 11.6 N and 88 11' 12.5 E" .Flash 10 sec 12 miles.
Kindly note the vessel may be brought by Port Authority either through Eastern Channel or through Western Channel. In case vessel is brought through Eastern Channel then the following Waypoints are to be crossed while proceeding to Haldia:

FYI, FLWG 7 Approach waypoints is FM sandheads to pilot brdg ground based on WGS-84 horizontal datum chart :-

WP 1 21 03 .0 N 088 12.2 E
Off eastern channel light vessel (ECLV)

WP 2 21 17.0 N 088 12.2 E - Off talent light vessel

WP 3 21 22.0 N 088 10.2 E - Off lower gasper light vessel

WP 4 21 25.5 N 088 07.9 E

WP 5 21 30.0 N 088 07.0 E - Off upper gasper light vessel

WP 6 21 33.0 N 088 06.5 E -

WP 7 21 36.6 N 088 03.3 E - Pilot boarding ground
Based on WGS-84 horizontal datum chart

Pilot boarding ground in vicinity of
WP 6 : LAT 21°35.30 N LONG 087°52.35 E

Western/Eden channel pilot boarding approach
waypoints in WGS84

1 WP 1 21 °05.00 N 087 ° 51.30E

2 WP 2 21 °12.30 N 087 ° 51.30E

3 WP 3 21 °21.70 N 087 ° 48.60E

4 WP 4 21 °26.80 N 087 ° 48.60E

5 WP 5 21 °32.00 N 087 ° 50.70E

6 WP 6 21 °35.30 N 087 ° 52.35E

7 WP 7 21 °38.60 N 087 ° 54.00E

•Vessels to approach pilot boarding ground in a convoy

• Both anchors to be standby for emergency from WP1 onwards

• Vessels to get underway in good time and take up their respective positions in the convoy before passing the WP NO.3

• Distance of about 2.0 nautical miles to be maintained from the ship ahead in the convoy

• All vessels to confirm pilot boarding instructions with SAGAR VTS over VHF on CH 68 or SSB before heaving up anchor and inform sagar VTS on VHF CH.68 or SSB 4147.4khz while passing the waypoints

• All waypoints are available on the ais as virtual targets

• VTMS assitance available from 3.0 miles south of WP 4 to pilot boarding ground at WP 6

• Pilot boarding speed about 6 to 8 knots

• Lee for the pilot launch may be provided at pilot boarding ground as advised by the VTMS pilot

• Regulation pilot ladder to be rigged on both port and starboard sides with two man ropes and a heaving line as advised by sagar VTS/pilot staion. vessels with freeboard more than 09 mtrs must rig up combination ladder

• All ships to confirm safe pilot boarding arrangements before passing WP3 to avoid delays and close quarter situation in the convoy due to faulty pilot ladder arrangements

• Vessels to have operational ais pilot plug and a 3 pin power output for the pilot's laptop
• Pilot launches "RUPSA" & "HUGLI" are fitted with AIS transponders Kindly keep the pilot cabin neat & clean and provide good hospitality for port pilots

During the maneuvouring time for SLG FM HALDIA Lock gate to approach jetty abt 300mtr distanse straight , the dock master will guide FM shore through VHF to master and river pilot will board only at approach jetty.However,dock pilot will bring the vessel FM berth or double bank position to Haldia lock gate. Since there is no priority for sailing of a ballast vessel FM HALDIA , all vessels are requested to keep min draft to sail the vessel FM HALDIA
VHF CH. 16/68 OR SSB 4147.4 / 8295.4 E-MAIL:
LOA/230 M, Beam/32.26 M & Draft as per day/night's permissible river draft
All arrival and sailing is governed by tide only
All weather working Port .
• Rainy Season: Mid June to October 1st week.
• Dry Season : March to May
• Winter Season : December to February end/1st week of March
• Morning shift: 0600hrs-1400hrs - Recess - 1000hrs-1030hrs;
• Afternoon shift: 1400hrs-2200hrs - Recess - 1800hrs-1830hrs;
• Night shift: 2200hrs-0600hrs - Recess - 0200hrs-0230hrs
Suppliers are only Haldia Port Authority and the availability of water from Monday to Saturday working day only from 10.00hrs to 17.00hrs (Saturday 10.00hrs to 13.00hrs) for which requisition has to be submitted well in advance. Holiday, Sunday also can be arranged with special permission for which it will be needed to pay overtime charge to port as well as fresh water charge.
Bunkering can be arranged through IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Limited) by Barge on advance 100% payment, min 4-5 working days prior notice is required for necessary arrangement. Facility of provision supply is available.
Gangway can be placed at working berth at inside dock.
Mobile crane available at Berth no. 4B and 12
(private berth-TMILL)
Yes / Kolkata
Normally cargo operation is done all round the year.
Port Authority Mr. Manish Jain Dy Chairman +91-3224-263114/263209 Email:
Capt. S. N. Chaubey General Manager Marine +91-3224-252104 Email:
Capt. S. K. Gupta Manager I/C Marine +91-3224-252340 Email:
Mr. S. K. Saha Roy General Manager I/C +91-3224-252008 Email:
HOJ-1 Permissible day's river draft. 236M officially but185M now working 33.0M 46500T POL 2x8" 250T - 350T
HOJ-1 Permissible day's river draft. 236M officially but185M now working 33.0M 46500T LPG & Ammonia 1x6" & 2x10" LPG 650-750T
HOJ-2 Permissible day's river draft. 277M 36.0M 97500T LPG 1x12" LPG 650-900T
HOJ-1 Permissible day's river draft. 236M officially but185M now working 33.0M 46500T POL 2x8" 250T - 350T
HOJ-2 Permissible day's river draft. 277M 36.0M 97500T POL 2x12" HSD dis 700T /hr. & ldng 360 -400T Naptha : 1400mt/hr
HOJ-3 Permissible day's river draft. 275M 36.0M 98000T POL(Crude, Naptha) Crude/2 x 16" Chickson, Naptha/2 x 12" Chickson Crude: 3000-3500mt/hr, Naptha - 1400-1500mt/hr
B-2 Permissible day's river draft. 195M 32.26M 74500T PX 2x6" 650T/HR
B-3 Permissible day's river draft. 230M 32.26M 74500T PX/HSD PX 2X6" & HSD 2X8"" PX 480T & HSD 720T/HR
B-3 Permissible day's river draft. 230M 32.26M 74500T Veg oil 2x8" 210 - 350T
B-4 Permissible day's river draft. 195M 32.26M 74500T Veg oil 2x8" 211 - 350T/CONCN.
B-5 Permissible day's river draft. 170M 32.26M 71500T Veg oil 2x6" 150 -200T/CONCN.
B-6 Permissible day's river draft. 212M 32.26M 71500T Veg oil / chemical/POL 2x8" 213 - 350T/CONCN.
B-7 Permissible day's river draft. 212M 32.26M 71500T Veg oil / chemical/POL 2x8" 214 - 350T/CONCN.

PILOTAGE UPTO 30000 USD 0.74003
30001-60000 USD 0.59202 22200.90 US $ +59.202 cents per GRT on 30001 to 60000 GRT
ABOVE 60001 USD 0.51801 39961.50 US $ + 51.801 cents per GRT on GRT above 60000
SHIFTING CHARGE Per GRT 1) 13.80 cents subject to a minimum of 138.00

2) 16.56 cents subject to a minimum of 165.60
1) Within KDS or within HDC only
2) Between KDS and HDC
BERTH HIRE Per GRT USD 0.00345 / Per HOUR 1.The time for purpose of levy of berth hire charges shall be reckoned from the "First line Ashore" to "all lines cast off".

2. If a vessel is re-deployed for loading after completion of discharge of cargo without casting off from the berth,ther berth hire charges for discharging vessel will be charged up to the time the NOR is tendered by the vessel for loading of cargo.The Berth Hire Charges for loading vessel will be applicable from the time of such NOR.If the vessel shifts to anchorage for any reason,Berth Hire Charges shall be charged as per section

PRIORITY Equivalent to 75% of berth hire charges calculated for the total period of actual stayal at the berth subject to a minimum of one day's berth hire charge
ANCHORAGE Per GRT 1) 0.166 cents
2) 0.083 cents
3) 0.048 cents
1) Vessel moored at any dock buoy.

2) Vessel moored at any river mooring/any other mooring

3) Vessel anchored at any river anchorage or any other anchorage
TUG CHARGE 1) Vessel not exceeding 1,000 IHP.

2) Vessel exceeding 1,000 IHP.
1) 276.00 dollars per hour subject to a minimum of 828.00 dollars per operation

2) 345.00 dollars per hour subject to a minimum of 1035.00 dollars per operation.
An additional charge of 25% shall be levied when Kolkata Port Trust tug/vessel is deployed for salvage operation subject to availability of Tug.

Ship owners/Agent of vessels shall be required to pay the actual Insurance premium plus 20% whenever Kolkata Port Trust tug/vessel is deployed on requisition for towage assistance/salvage operation. In such cases claims for damages shall not be made against the hirer in case of accident.
• Informatively, there are no mooring buoys at inside Haldia Dock. Therefore, whenever a vessel has to wait for whatever reasons, Port Authority requires the vessel to be double banked. Since the vessel has to be double banked against another vessel at berth, it is quite impossible to ascertain in advance whether double banking will be ordered in case of a particular vessel since the vessel working at berth may at any time be required to accept another vessel to double bank against her. A vessel berthing inside Haldia Dock is required to have 7-8 pcs old truck tyres with PP rope on board as fenders to be used during double banking. Between the 2 vessels, 14-16 truck tyres provide adequate protection during double banking. This is a normal and everyday operation at Haldia Port and is well known to most of National/International vessel Owners/Operators.

• Hence all vessels inside the dock are requested to have sufficient fenders to protect the shipside from chaffing of paints.

• Further Port authority also provides the Pneumatic rubber fender during waiting time at inside port against the charge as per tariff.

• The requirement of B/L , PNI Entry Certificate with Wreck removal n oil pollution clause, ISM Code, ISS cert & Crew List, Ships Registry, cert of Class, PAN in standard 5 pages format , Intl Tonnage cert is required in advance.

Note : 5% special charge on all Port charges is applicable

Govt. Service Tax also applicable @14.50% on all Port charge including 5% special charge .